Modern Paleo: The First Week

 Posted by on 20 March 2010 at 6:00 pm  Modern Paleo
Mar 202010

Wow, I have to say that I’m absolutely delighted with the launch of Modern Paleo. How so?

  • I’ve gotten tons of friendly feedback and encouragement from other folks in the paleosphere (H/T), including a great write-up from my friend Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal. (In the comments, my quick explanation of the subscription requirements for the OList e-mail lists inspired Dr. Kurt Harris to adopt a more “selfish” approach to his blog comments.)

  • The web site has received between 400 and 1600 hits every day since the launch on Monday. For what I’ve done, those are good numbers. I expect that traffic to settle down a bit, then grow steadily.
  • Christian has done a fantastic job with the launch of the blog. It has published eight posts by four different authors over the past seven days. And I know he’s got some great material lined up for next week.
  • The e-mail lists are growing steadily. PaleoBloggers has 25 members; PaleoThyroid has 36 members; and SousVide has 37 members. I expect those lists to grow to over a hundred subscribers each. (Wow, did you know that OEvolve has 199 members?!? Awesome!)
  • With Christian’s permission, I’m managing the weekend blogging on Modern Paleo. My plan, outlined in this post, is to blog on basic topics in Objectivism on Saturdays, then on paleo-relevant free market politics on Sunday. (It’s almost the mirror image of NoodleFood!) I’m really excited to do that, as it’s a great opportunity for friendly activism.

I’ve got tons more work to do improving and promoting Modern Paleo. However, I’m darn happy with its first week.

Update: I just posted A Brief Introduction to Objectivism on the Modern Paleo Blog. Go check it out… and post a comment!

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