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Feb 272010
  • Dr. Davis, the Heart Scan Doc, is offering 30 minute, one-on-one video consultations. As I said on OEvolve: “I can’t imagine that most people on this list would need that, as we’re a pretty well-read, well-informed bunch. However, I can see that someone’s less-informed mother, father, friend, or whatnot might benefit from it.”
  • Does consumption of saturated fat reduce insulin sensitivity and thereby put us on the path to diabetes? The conventional wisdom is “Yes,” but Stephan Guyenet looks at the relevant studies and finds that the answer is “No.” So what does reduce insulin sensitivity? Sugar (particularly fructose) and magnesium deficiency seem to be two major culprits.
  • The fascists in Washington are seeking greater control over supplements and raw milk cheese. These *@% aren’t content with forcing us to be poor and stupid: they want us to be sick and miserable too!
  • Dr. Davis on the irrelevance of glycemic index.
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