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May 142003

Neil Cavuto is Fox News’ calm and straight-laced VP of business news and host of “Your World.” But he’s not as nice and boring as he looks. Today’s Righteous Fisking of Paul Krugman, for example, was pure delight. I’ll quote the whole thing, as a slice is just inadequate.

Since no good deed goes unpunished, leave it to The New York Times to take a shot at me. Not The Times itself, but columnist Paul Krugman, who blasts me for my apparent blatant partisanship.

He writes:

“Neil Cavuto of Fox News is an anchor, not a commentator. Yet after Baghdad’s fall he told ‘those who opposed the liberation of Iraq’ — a large minority — that ‘you were sickening then; you are sickening now.’”

First off, Mr. Krugman, let me correct you: I’m a host and a commentator, just like you no doubt call yourself a journalist and a columnist. So my sharing my opinions is a bad thing, but you spouting off yours is not?

Exactly who’s the hypocrite, Mr. Krugman? Me, for expressing my views in a designated segment at the end of the show? Or you, for not so cleverly masking your own biases against the war in a cheaply written column?

You’re as phony as you are unprofessional. And you have the nerve to criticize me, or Fox News, and by extension, News Corporation?

Look, I’d much rather put my cards on the table and let people know where I stand in a clear editorial, than insidiously imply it in what’s supposed to be a straight news story. And by the way, you sanctimonious twit, no one — no one — tells me what to say. I say it. And I write it. And no one lectures me on it. Save you, you pretentious charlatan.

Let me see if I have this right, Mr. Krugman. Journalists who opposed this war are OK. Those who support it are not. Says who? You?

I’m less of a journalist because I was in favor of this war, but you’re more of a journalist because you were not? You imply that by being in favor of this war, I’m pandering, and by extension, my company is pandering to the White House.

Nowhere does it ever occur to you, one can legitimately not agree with you. That doesn’t make me less of a journalist. But, Mr. Krugman, it does make you more of an ass. Here’s the difference: You insinuated it, I just said it.

Now may I suggest you take your column and shove it?

Andrew Sullivan characterizes Cavuto as responding “somewhat intemperately.” That’s an understatement. But Krugman deserved every bit of Cavuto’s intemperate response. Oh, and Matthew Hoy has a nice dissection of the stupidity of the rest of Krugman’s column. (According to Hoy, the version of Cavuto’s comments reprinted on Fox News’ site isn’t word-for-word perfect. Perhaps I’ll TiVO the later airing, as Paul and I are — of course — off to see The Matrix: Reloaded this evening.)

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