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Feb 142010

While I’ve never been much enamored of Valentine’s Day, I was feeling rather amorous (in my usual silly way) this year. So here’s a quick Valentine-O-Rama:

  • My favorite Valentine’s Day GraphJam is definitely the “Who Benefits from Valentine’s Day” pie chart.
  • When I was young, my father bought my mother a manure spreader for Mother’s Day. (She was happy!) This 1/2 mile wide manure heart seems to be in the same vein, albeit rather less practical.
  • Even the envelope of Paul’s Valentine’s Day card cracked me up… I’m the best woman he’s ever married because I’m the only woman he’s ever married!

  • Paul and I had a good day today: huge sous vide egg breakfast, then a matinee performance of Rossini’s comic opera “The Barber of Seville,” then a yummy steak dinner with friends. In honor of that, here’s the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon Rabbit of Seville. It’s set to the somewhat re-arranged overture of “The Barber of Seville”:

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