The Resurrection of Flight 1549

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Feb 042010

This video shows the unsung hero of the so-called “Miracle on the Hudson” — namely the plane — being battered by ice, then raised out of the water. On seeing it, I keep having to remind myself just how huge the plane is. I’m so impressed that something so enormous could be raised from the water at all.

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Here’s what the creator of the video says:

Exclusive unseen time lapse video footage of the Miracle on the Hudson, US Airways flight 1549 as it is struggling to stay afloat and avoid the barrage of an ice attack. An unsung hero was the Airbus A320 which survived a crash landing, sinking and safely contained 155 Humans.

I shot these clips from a cheap compact Canon camera. The plane came to a strop outside my apartment here in NYC. Most of the footage on TV from CNN, NY Post, NBC and ABC was filmed from my apartment over those 3 days.

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