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Feb 012010
  • Some photos of newly-discovered species. I was about to say that I liked the “slug-sucking snake” the best, but then I saw the “glass frog.” You can see its innards through its transparent skin!
  • Yesterday’s Ads Predicted Today’s Tech: The ads themselves are pretty cool, and the snarky comments are even better. I like Flash Gordon as the usher in the 3-D movie theater! Also, here’s The 25 Funniest Vintage Tech Ads. The comment on the Apple ad just kills me.
  • What Would Ayn Rand Say? — it’s an interview (text and audio) with Yaron Brook, with some detailed discussion of the financial crisis.
  • Yes, please! Let’s use “African-American” to refer to real Africans — of whatever skin color — who have chosen to become Americans. Or better yet, let’s just drop all those damn hyphenated labels. American citizens are just plain old Americans.
  • I’m not much of a fan of Richard Dawkins, but he’s correct to say that Pat Robertson’s odious view that the earthquake in Haiti was God’s retribution for sin represents true, Biblical Christianity. (Via David McBride)
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