The Russsians Will Save Us

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Apr 302003

Den Beste always seems to be ahead of the curve in his political analysis, which is why I find this commentary particularly noteworthy. Apparently, Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg are gunning for an EU-controlled military force independent of NATO. They’ve already decided to create a military command. The problem, Den Beste notes, is that there is little to command, as none of these countries have a substantial military. For various economic reasons, a buildup of forces seems unlikely. So, what shall be done? Den Beste writes:

But never fear! Paris is on the case, and has a solution. Europe needs an independent military which is capable of “counterbalancing” the US, but doesn’t want to pay for it. Europe needs a nation which actually has a force large enough to be credible, which can become a partner in Europe’s defense so as to protect Europe from American aggression. (Which is to say, Europe needs a new free ride.)

In short, Europe needs Russia to come in to Western Europe and save it from America.

Which is why French defense minister Michèle Alliot-Marie is in Moscow right now, trying to talk up the idea. Russia can supply the troops, France can supply the commanders and the wisdom. Western Europe will finally be liberated from oppressive and cruel American military occupation through the agency of the friendly and solicitous Russian Army.

I do rather wonder just how this idea is going to play in places like Prague and Warsaw and Bucharest, who have a somewhat different opinion of the Russians than the French evidently have.


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