The Remarkable Accuracy of Drew Brees

 Posted by on 12 January 2010 at 2:00 pm  Sports
Jan 122010

I’m totally flabbergasted:

That kind of consistent accuracy is unimaginable to me. But that’s why he’s so good!

Regarding the playoffs, I’m remarkably pleased by the teams still in the running this year. I’d be pretty darn happy if any of the following teams won the Superbowl:

  • Indianapolis Colts (My favorite team, of course, largely thanks to Peyton. They never do well in the playoffs with rest, so I worry that they’ll suffer an ignominious defeat at the hands of Baltimore.)

  • New Orleans Saints (I’ve been a Drew Breese fan since he competed with Doug Flutie for the starting job in San Diego. He’s made such a difference for the Saints, and I love to see that kind of turn-around.)
  • Arizona Cardinals (Kurt Warner might be an annoying Christian, but I love his up-from-nowhere story in St. Louis and then his back-from-decline story in Arizona. And wow, he played an amazing game on Sunday with more touchdowns than incomplete passes! A Superbowl win would cement his legacy as a great quarterback.)
  • Minnesota Vikings (Brett Favre, still so awesome and still loving the game. I’m fond of grizzled old quarterbacks, and he’s the most grizzled of them all! A Superbowl win would also make fabulous story.)
  • San Diego Chargers (I became a San Diego fan after we moved to Colorado, when Doug Flutie played for them. They’ve been good — but under the radar — for too many years.)

That’s five of the eight teams currently in the playoffs, so I’m pretty likely to be pleased on February 7th. So basically, I’m just hoping that my parents (Baltimore fans), my aunt (a Jets fan), and Santiago (a Cowboys fan) are all very despondent on Superbowl Sunday.

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