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Jan 052010

A while back, I finally performed a long-overdue update of my blogroll. As I was short on time, I decided to simply throw everything from my “blogroll” bookmarks folder into the blogroll, sorted by rough categories. On my next pass, I plan to pare down those links, including removing some dead and dying ones.

Here, I want to highlight some of the funny blogs I love to read. They keep me sane and silly. They are, in no particular order:

Go Fug Yourself
Cake Wrecks
People of Walmart
Emails From Crazy People
Passive-Aggressive Notes
Awkward Family Photos
There, I Fixed It
Probably Bad News
Angry People
Oddly Specific
Epic Win
Autocomplete Me
Poorly Dressed
“Unnecessary” Quotes
Broken Picture Telephone
Overheard in New York
My Life Is Average
Today’s Big Thing

Now, go have a guffaw at the metaphysically insignificant! (Hmmm… That seems like an inapt description of many of the People of Walmart. Many are rather … um… metaphysically substantial.)

Any other humor blogs to suggest? Post them in the comments!

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