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Jan 012010
  • Ari Armstrong reviews e-book readers, and then argues against exclusive digital rights management. He also reviews and gripes about non-transferrability. I have many disagreements with Ari; I’m pretty sympathetic to Kendall’s various comments on those posts. Yet I also share many of his frustrations. (How’s that for vague!) Kendall recently penned his own blog post on e-books too.) Personally, I’m betting on Amazon as the major e-book content provider, but I doubt its Kindle will remain dominant for long. I’m desperately hoping for Apple to blow away all the competition with some new device, perhaps using an iPhone-like OS, all nicely managed on your PC/Mac through iTunes.
  • A fascinating article from The Economist on the small industry created by Harry Potter: The Harry Potter Economy.
  • Father Tim Jones suggests that the poor shoplift when in need. Don’t worry though, he only recommends doing so from big corporations. (I kid you not!) Gus Van Horn comments.
  • Manning and Saturday Have Kept Colts on Leading Edge. A fun look at football’s “old married couple.”
  • Seven Ways Dollhouse Could Have Been Great. Oh well.
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