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Dec 292009

I’ve become a major fan of the NFL’s new “RedZone” channel this season. The basic idea of the channel is that it switches between the most exciting portions of all the games playing on Sunday mornings and afternoons, without any commercials. So unless I want to watch a full game — which I’ll do for Indy and other notable games — I’ll just watch the best of all the games via the RedZone channel.

A recent Sports Illustrated column sang the praises of the channel. It even reported on the best description I’ve seen yet: “as if God was holding the remote control.” That seems apt to me, as I often say that I worship at the Church of the NFL on Sundays! That NFL God is Scott Hanson. Here’s a bit on him from the article:

“You get a bucketful of 100-percent concentrated football awesomeness,” says Scott Hanson, the studio host who deftly sets the scene each time RedZone switches games. Hanson’s enthusiasm seems boundless, even though inmates at Leavenworth have a cushier setup: During his seven hours on the air he gets only a two-minute bathroom break and, if he’s lucky, a bite or two of a sandwich.

I like Hanson’s style as a host. He’s very smooth, easily able to handle the swapping between games. Plus, he’s relentlessly focused on the football. I’ve heard him cut away from a game just after a touchdown, where the camera was focused on the scoring player’s end zone dance, saying something like “Okay, enough of that” with just the perfect touch of exasperation.

Oh, and need I mention that I was not happy with Jim Caldwell’s controversial decision to rest starters in the Jets game on Sunday? Probably not: it goes without saying. Granted, I was disappointed, but wowee, Peyton looked downright irate. He kept his helmet on while pacing the sidelines for quite some time. Normally, he’s on the bench reviewing plays with a baseball cap on. (Yes, I’m totally appalled that I’m such a football fanatic that I know that.) Of course, Peyton was gracious in the post-game press conference.

Of course, any and all disappointment will be forgotten if the Colts win the Superbowl!

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