Posted by on 28 December 2009 at 8:00 am  Link-O-Rama
Dec 282009

I’m feeling somewhat brain dead, plus I’m trying to get myself organized for the new year. So I think posting will be somewhat light this week. (I have plenty of material to post, but nothing hefty.)

  • I laughed so hard that I cried: Wikipedia Content Versus Donation Plea. Here’s another.
  • Cannibalistic Snow Monster. Enough said.
  • In 1985, a former Soviet agent spoke about the four stages of psychological warfare. (Via Robb)
  • Since I outed myself as a fan of Lady Gaga, friends have been sending me links related to her. The latest, from Guy, is this article from MSNBC. Oh, and in this interview, Lady Gaga explains why she never wears pants.
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