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Dec 142009
  • A fool and his 127 million dollars are parted. What does the fool do? Duh! He sues.
  • Why men shouldn’t write advice columns. I could imagine a similar one written by a woman, regarding the state of her hair and nails after that long walk home! (Via The Agitator)
  • Dr. Peter Watts, science fiction writer, was “beaten, pepper-sprayed and imprisoned by American border guards at a Canada U.S. border crossing December 8. Fascist police state, anyone?
  • Ari Armstrong on Abolish the FTC: New Blogging Rules. He’s also posted a lengthy list of compelled disclosures.

    Much to my annoyance, I need to waste my time in a similar fashion before the FTC takes note of my unseemly relationship with such blackguards of capitalism as the Ayn Rand Institute, The Objective Standard, and Amazon. I don’t receive any money from the first two, but by the FTC’s totally non-objective rules, our friendly relationship might be construed as violating their regulations, thereby subjecting me to thousands of dollars of fines.

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