The Effects of Gay Marriage

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What will happen if gays are permitted to marry? Pundits disagree, but this pie chart seems pretty accurate to me:

Oh yes… Be afraid, be very afraid.

Sadly, religious bigotry against gays — although absurd in itself — has very real consequences for gay couples and their children, as this Miss Manners’ column shows:

Dear Miss Manners:

My partner and I adopted a child three years ago. He has become a happy, silly, active, loving child.

When we were going through the adoption process, the topic of being a “conspicuous family” was discussed. As two men with a child, we fall into that category.

Several times over the last couple of years, we have been verbally attacked. Twice we have been in a grocery store when someone informed us that we were not a “real family.” On one of these situations, we were even told that we were condemned to hell!

Another time, when I was having breakfast out with our son, I was discussing children with a woman who was there with two of her own. The conversation was casual and amiable. When I mentioned “my partner” in the conversation, she started shouting at me, “You’re evil! You are doing that child a great injustice!”

Our son’s birth mother was a heroin and cocaine user during her pregnancy. She had the presence of mind to realize she couldn’t take care of him and chose us as his adoptive parents.

We didn’t decide to adopt to “save” a child, but the fact is, we will probably be able to give our son a much better life than if he had stayed with his birth mother.

How do we react to these people?

Miss Manners’ advice is good, as usual:

A gentleman of Miss Manners’s acquaintance was once subjected to a barrage of unwarranted insults. Outraged on his behalf, she asked why he did not trouble to defend himself.

His reply (and please forgive the inelegance for the sake of vividness) was: “If someone is throwing up on you, you get out of the way. You do not stay around to examine what is coming up.”

There is nothing you can say to people who, whatever they may think, see fit to hurl crude insults at you, even in front of your son.

A stiff “I’m sorry you feel that way” is all you can utter before turning your back.

Happily, time is on the side of gay couples — provided that America doesn’t become the “Christian nation” sought by so many conservatives.

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