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Dec 102009
  • What’s not to like about this resume?: “EXPEERENCES: I graduated in 2005! I treid to get into a college, but I decided that I didn’t really wanna do that. College is for people that aren’t self starters. I am a self starter.” Apparently, he’s a self-speller too. Oh yeah, I’d so hire him.
  • Wow, amazing photography of African wildlife. The photographer is Nick Brandt.
  • How to indulge your cats in style. (Via Howard)
  • This mind-blowing Huffington Post essay should be titled, “Buy a Kindle, Kill a Jew; It’s All the Same.” Seriously. Here’s the first line: “When I hear the term Kindle I think not of imaginations fired but of crematoria lit.” (The Agitator suggests that this might be the “worst blog post ever.” That sounds about right.)
  • Oh, and don’t miss the latest Objectivist Roundup
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