Harry Potter for Christmas

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Dec 082009

Given that Christmas is just around the corner, I’d like to reiterate my recommendation for Ari Armstrong’s excellent little book Values of Harry Potter. Here’s my official endorsement of it.

I’ve read all the Harry Potter novels multiple times, discussed them at length with friends, read essays analyzing them, and even published an essay of my own. Yet Ari Armstrong’s Values of Harry Potter offered me a delightful array of fresh insights into J. K. Rowling’s works. It offers fans of Harry Potter a unique opportunity to explore the core values of the novels, to discover why we find them so captivating and so inspiring. Readers will develop a deeper appreciation for Rowling’s achievement in portraying life-loving, courageous heroes. They will discover compelling answers to any half-formed questions and doubts about the significance of her Christian themes. When I re-read the Harry Potter series — as I’m eager to do again — I will gain far more insight and inspiration from them than ever before, thanks to Values of Harry Potter.

For a taste of Ari’s writings on Harry Potter, you might check out these essays. You can also view the contents of the book and download a sample via this page.

I recommend the book to all fans of Harry Potter, but particularly to people interested in Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. You’ll find much of interest in it — much that you didn’t notice on a first or second or third reading of the books. It’s also an excellent gift for any teenage fan of the books. So go order a copy now!

I would ask that you order from the web site directly, rather than via Amazon, as Ari earns significantly more per copy that way. The price is the same. Given the quality of the book — not to mention Ari’s tireless and often-uncompensated efforts to promote free markets in Colorado and elsewhere — he deserves every penny he can earn from sales of this book!

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