My Policy on Announcements

 Posted by on 4 December 2009 at 4:00 pm  Announcements, NoodleFood
Dec 042009

As a general matter, I’m happy to post announcements of events of interest to NoodleFood readers — particularly lectures by Objectivist speakers, calls for activism, and the like. So suppose that you want me to promote your event. What should you do?

Most of all, you need to e-mail me a clear and simple announcement that I can simply quote in a blog post. Links and italics should be HTML-ified, but please don’t use any other HTML. All the essential information should be included, but the announcement should be brief.

Also, I need at least 24 hours of lead-time before the announcement must be posted. I prefer a few days though. If time is too short, you can post your announcement in an open thread.

If you’d like other Objectivist bloggers to post the announcement, you can ask me to forward that HTML’ed text to OBloggers. If you want me to send the announcement to OActivists or FRODO, I’ll need a text announcement too.

Yes, that’s fussy of me. I just don’t want to spend my limited blogging time constructing or formatting other people’s announcements. However, if you make posting your announcement easy for me, I’ll do what I can.

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