Matthew Stafford: Guts & Glory

 Posted by on 30 November 2009 at 2:00 pm  Sports
Nov 302009

If you’re an NFL fan, you’ve probably seen some footage of the dramatic end to last week’s Browns-Lions game. I’d definitely recommend watching the whole thing — with mic’ed up Lions quarterback Matt Stafford. It’s phenomenal.

Such moments are what I most relish about NFL football. This footage doesn’t merely document a gripping end to a game. Heck, the game wasn’t terribly meaningful, given that both teams were 1-8. The footage records the unfolding of real-life moral drama: Matt Stafford was so determined to achieve his goal, so committed to winning, that he was willing to endure lay-down-and-cry-worthy pain. I love to see that kind of resolve in action, and I’m fascinated by the response of other team members to such actions.

I hope, notwithstanding the loss of the Lions to the Packers on Thanksgiving Day, that this moment signals a turn-around for a team that has been abysmal for far too many years.

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