Image: Tara’s New Friend

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Nov 282009

My fabulous new barn is nearing completion, and my horse Tara has returned home. Hooray! I really missed her.

Happily, I was able to find an excellent buddy for her on short notice. His name is “Image.” He’s a stunningly beautiful, fancy-schmancy show horse. He injured his shoulder a while back, and he seems unable to tolerate the pounding of jumping. However, he’s sound on the flat (i.e., not jumping). So the owner is looking to sell him as a dressage horse, but she needs some time to make that happen.

Here he is, fine fancy fellow that he is:

Here are Tara and Image, happy as clams.

Tara and Image fell in love in about five minutes, so they’re very content together.

Image is a very sensible and calm horse, although he’s basically lived a “city horse” existence in big show barns for all of his life. He’s been kept in a stall most of the time, turned out to pasture for shorter periods of time, blanketed and pampered, and ridden in only in rings. Now he’s learning the ways of the “country horse.” He’s out to pasture 24/7, albeit with access to shelter in the barn. He’s living among deer, coyote, fox, and other wildlife. Tara is definitely teaching Image how to be a proper country horse. Standing around, nibbling on grass, gazing off into the distance, and standing outside tail-to-wind in storms are her specialties.

Image will be staying with us until the spring, at which point the owner will be looking to sell him. At that time, I hope to buy a new horse. Tara is quite old at 26. She’s sound for now, but I won’t be able to ride her for too much longer. So I’ll need a new horse!

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