Gay in India

 Posted by on 6 November 2009 at 4:00 pm  Activism, Culture, Ethics
Nov 062009

Wow, I was just so thrilled to watch Jerry Johnson — an Objectivist I’ve corresponded with periodically over the years — speak on CNN IBN (a national Indian news channel) — about being gay in India:

(Update: I’m now linking to the YouTube version. It includes extra footage.)

I particularly liked his point about moving out of the parental house, so that the gay person wouldn’t wouldn’t be beholden to anti-gay parents. From what Jerry has told me, it’s very difficult to be gay in India: the culture is not accepting, and many are well-hidden in the closet. So that freedom from parental interference would be crucial for living an authentic life as a gay person in India.

Great job, Jerry!

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