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Oct 302009

I’d planned to record and post my next podcast on design arguments for the existence of God today, but I’ve decided to delay that until Monday. (I won’t have an Explore Atlas Shrugged podcast for Monday. We canceled the Front Range Objectivism Atlas Shrugged Reading Group meetings yesterday due to the snowstorm.)

In the meantime, I’m using the break to massively re-organize my blogging and podcasting output into distinctive streams, based on the nature of the content, with NoodleFood as the river that incorporates everything else. I need to separate out my future career — that’s the practical advice, which I aim to do on radio — from my other projects and interests. More generally, the division into streams will allow me to market my output more effectively to various groups of people. People will be able to subscribe to all and only what interests them — whether one or two things or the whole enchilada.

For now, I am creating three distinct streams:

  • “Rationally Selfish Radio” will now designate just my “practical advice on living well” podcasting. I’ll also blog on those issues a few times per week.

  • My philosophy teaching files podcasts, as well as the podcasting that I plan to do on my dissertation, as well as any blogging on standard philosophical topics, will be collected under the banner of “PhiloFiles.”
  • The podcasts and discussion questions for Explore Atlas Shrugged, as well as future podcasts and resources for studying Ayn Rand’s fiction and philosophy, will continue to be gathered at Explore Ayn Rand.

As I mentioned, NoodleFood will be the river into which all of these streams feed. It will also include other side-interests of mine, like paleo-ish eating, political activism, and funny cat videos. So everything that appears in any of the above streams will be reproduced on NoodleFood. All of my podcasts — on any and all topics — will be gathered into a single “NoodleCast” feed.

So if you want everything, you just need to stick with NoodleFood. Also, I should be able to transfer everyone now subscribed to current “Rationally Selfish Radio” podcast feed to the new NoodleCast feed, so you’ll continue to get everything. Basically, I want the transition to be totally seamless for all of my existing followers. If not — if something seems amiss on Monday, when everything should be settled — please just drop me an e-mail.

Also, I should mention that this update will fix the problem of the wrong dates on podcasts in iTunes that resulted in them being listed out-of-order. (The otherwise excellent Feedburner was the cause of the problem, but I can side-step it by using a nice little program called Feeder to create my podcast feeds, rather than using Blogger.)

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