Snow, Snow, and More Snow in Colorado

 Posted by on 29 October 2009 at 9:00 am  Personal, The Beasts
Oct 292009

We’re in a bit of a snowstorm right now in Denver. It began snowing on Tuesday night, and it’s expected to snow until this evening. The result? About a foot so far. Yikes! Paul and I have lived in Colorado since 2001, and we’ve never experienced a snowy fall like this one. It’s our fifth snow so far! (I blame global warming.)

Here’s the view from our front door as of yesterday afternoon around 2:30 pm. That’s a fence, a gate, and a clematis vine loaded with snow.

Here’s the same view as of this morning. We’ve got a bit more snow, eh?

Then we have Conrad, who had tons of fun running around in the snow this morning. After being cooped up all day yesterday, he had lots of energy to burn off!

And here’s the front of our house. Yes, that is a glacier forming on our roof.

Thankfully, Paul is off work today. We’ll have to dig out in time for him to go to work tomorrow though.

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