Posted by on 23 October 2009 at 1:00 pm  Link-O-Rama
Oct 232009
  • The Invisible Man: A man paints himself so as to blend in with his background. The photos are technically awesome, but highly disturbing as art. (Via The Agitator)
  • Simon Cowell on Simon Cowell’s Dumb Mistakes: I admire a man willing to learn from his own mistakes! (Via Daniel)
  • How Often Do Women Falsely Cry Rape?: An interesting look at the statistics and problems of false rape accusations.
  • Playgrounds From the 70′s: I’m not sure what I want more — “a robot that automatically produces fun” or “a miracle barrel of fun” — if you know what I mean. (That’s for fellow fans of “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” I miss that show!) I actually really like the design of the snail on page three.
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