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Oct 202009

I haven’t written a letter to the editor in ages, as my brain has simply been too thoroughly occupied with other work. However, I’m deeply worried about the erosion of free speech in America, so I dashed off this letter to the Denver Post a few days ago. Much to my delight, it was published today:

Re: “A double standard for online speech,” Oct. 14 Vincent Carroll column.

Vincent Carroll is right to warn us about the Federal Trade Commission’s new regulations on bloggers who review or endorse products. For too long, Americans have ignored the First Amendment in the name of “fairness” by supporting an ever-growing labyrinth of regulations on political campaign speech.

Now the government seeks to bind and gag online speech based on the same egalitarian principles.

The effect will be a frosty chill on all speech. Soon, only those able to afford a gaggle of lawyers will dare speak on any issue more substantive than tomorrow’s weather.

In the words of Ayn Rand’s hero Francisco D’Anconia, “Brother, you asked for it!”

Diana Hsieh, Sedalia

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