Hong Kong Vs. Typhoon

 Posted by on 20 October 2009 at 4:00 am  Technology
Oct 202009

This time lapse video of “Typhoon ‘Nangka’ over Hong Kong” made me appreciate the power of storms — and the power of men’s ability to build cities capable of withstanding them:

The final minute when the lights of the Hong Kong come alive is especially beautiful.

Plus it made me think of Francisco d’Anconia’s words to Hank Rearden in Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, Chapter 5:

“It’s a terrible night for any animal caught unprotected on that plain,” said Francisco d’Anconia. “This is when one should appreciate the meaning of being a man…”

“You stood here and watched the storm with the greatest pride one can ever feel — because you are able to have summer flowers and half-naked women in your house on a night like this, in demonstration of your victory over that storm. And if it weren’t for you, most of those who are here would be left helpless at the mercy of that wind in the middle of some such plain…”

(Video link via Maximizing Progress.)

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