RSS Problems

 Posted by on 13 October 2009 at 1:50 pm  Personal
Oct 132009

I’m having a problem with the rss feed of Rationally Selfish Radio. I’m hoping that someone can help me fix it.

The problem is that sometimes the date displayed via the RSS feed is the date of the last update of the post rather than the given date of the post. For example, everything is fine in Google Reader, but not on this feed page.

Most annoyingly, iTunes is using the updated date rather the given date. So on the new RSR page in iTunes, most of the podcasts are listed as having a release date of October 10th, when in fact, that’s just the update date. Grrrrr.

My feed is created by Blogger (with the proper pubdate), then processed and hosted by Feedburner. I’ve fussed with various settings, and I’ve done a bunch of web searches, but nothing has helped.

Any ideas?

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