Arrested by a Bully, Betrayed by a Coward

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Oct 052009

Dan Edge recently send the following note to OBloggers. I strongly recommend that you read the two blog posts linked here:

If you have time, please look at this:

Adventures in Activism: A True Story of Protest, Arrest, and Release


The Greenville News — Corrupt from Core to Top

In case you are unaware, I was unlawfully arrested at a protest I organized last month in opposition to an “emergency” curfew. The media is actively covering up the story and I’m facing potentially 6 years in prison. My arresting officer is guilty of serious Civil Rights violations, and I may file a 1983 Civil Rights lawsuit against the City of Greenville. The local media has been unwilling to publish the truth in this case, so I could use all the help I can get (including moral support!).

In that second post, Dan writes:

But what really frightens me is this: What kind of country do we live in where media outlets are afraid to publish facts for fear of legal action by Big Brother? Does the 1st Amendment not protect the right to a free press? If this policy is widespread, then how many illegal actions by police go unreported, even though the media knows what happened, because they fear a lawsuit? There are many different forms of physical force, including the threat to confiscate property. If city, state, and federal governments are cowing the media using threats of legal action, then we are all in deep trouble.

We are in deep trouble.

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