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Sep 152009
  • Mythbusting: Ayn Rand, Mommies, and Children by Rational Jenn. Jenn provides good answers to the standard misplaced criticisms.
  • Why Can’t She Walk to School?: I’m floored by this NY Times article on how parents today won’t allow their children to walk even a few blocks to school due to totally overblown fears of abduction. I knew that norms had changed for the worse, but I never imagined that they’d become so completely stifling.
  • Let Me Explain: Internet humor is reaching new heights. It’s not just transcribed jokes any longer; it’s increasingly capitalizing on the distinctive features of the medium — in this case, on Craig’s List.
  • Atlas Shrugged Relevant for Modern Times: An op-ed by Ari Armstrong on the relevance of Ayn Rand’s novel, published in the Longmont newspaper. It mentions Front Range Objectivism’s upcoming Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups.
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