9/12 Tea Parties

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Sep 122009

Lin Zinser of the Ayn Rand Center sent me these pictures of the 9/12 Tea Party in Washington, DC. Yaron Brook was a speaker.

Notice the sheer hugeosity of the crowd! (Click on the pictures for larger versions.)

The 9/12 Tea Party Rally in Denver probably had about 2,000 people. I couldn’t get a good picture of the crowd, unfortunately. But here’s the best I took:

Hannah Krening and I quickly handed out 500 half-page flyers in a half hour. One side advertised our upcoming Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups, while the other had information on FIRM (Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine). I could have easily handed out 200 more flyers, so next time I’ll bring more! Many people were eager for them — and eager to tell me about their love of Atlas Shrugged. In addition, Kirk and others from the Auraria Campus Objectivists passed out flyers for Craig Biddle’s September 21st campus talk on the morality of capitalism.

Yes, I saw some anti-abortion, anti-immigration, god-and-country types in the crowd. Overall though, people seemed receptive and interested. It was a nearly perfect target audience for us. I strongly encourage other Objectivists to attend tea party rallies in their own area in order to promote the ideas of Objectivism. For example, you can advertise your local Objectivist group, if that exists. You can distribute copies of or flyers for The Undercurrent. You can pass out flyers for the Ayn Rand Institute or The Objective Standard. It’s easy; it’s quick; it’s even a bit fun.

Don’t let these opportunities go to waste! They will not last forever!

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