Posted by on 7 September 2009 at 1:00 pm  Link-O-Rama
Sep 072009
  • The Media and the First Amendment, a Wall Street Journal op-ed by Institute for Justice attorneys Bert Gall and Steve Simpson defending free speech on principle. (Yikes! I meant to post that in July. Alas, better late than never!)
  • Lawn Chair Wars: Man battles crazy neighbor. Hysterical, whether true or not.
  • Normandy Before and After: An amazing series of photographs of Normandy during World War 2 and now.
  • Squirrel Photobomb: Undoubtedly, this squirrel is the best photobomber ever.
  • Arkansas Fire Chief Shot… by police in court hearing over traffic tickets. Seriously. It’s a crazy case of corruption.

    (I’m pretty sure that I got all these links except the first from The Agitator.)

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