Slow Recovery

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Aug 012009

Unfortunately, my recovery from Tuesday’s oral surgery is proceeding rather slower than I expected and hoped. I’ve not been in much pain, but I have so … little … energy.

On Thursday, I crashed in the afternoon. Even after a two hour nap, I would not have been able to drive myself the 50 minutes to and from the Front Range Objectivism’s Atlas Shrugged Reading Group in Golden if I’d not already arranged to carpool with a friend. Yesterday, I attempted to go for a leisurely two mile walk around the neighborhood with Paul and Conrad. Fat chance! I was tired by the time I reached the end of the driveway, so I went for a short ways, then took an easy path home. Even that was hard. I felt pretty decent beforehand, so I was surprised.

I’m supposed to attend an alumni picnic for the Leadership Program of the Rockies tomorrow, but I can’t imagine that I could drive myself over 90 minutes up to Loveland, then socialize for some hours, then drive 50 minutes down to Denver to run a planning meeting for Front Range Objectivism, then drive myself another 40 minutes home. That’s just wildly unrealistic. So I’m going to have to forgo the picnic. Just doing meeting in Denver will work out well enough, as then Paul can drive us.

It’s really quire bizarre to have so little energy. Is it a side-effect of the healing — or of the drugs I’m now taking? (I’m on penicillin and a steroid.) I feel mentally alert, and I seem fine in moving about the house. Yet if I try more than that, I just want to melt into a puddle of tired. Also, I’ve been contentious about eating regularly and heartily — although I’m awfully sick of eating the same soft foods over and over again. (I’ve gotten seriously bored of scrambled eggs, but the guacamole never gets old!) So I’m not weak due to lack of food or the like.

In any case, I’ll be glad to be back to my perky self again — hopefully in just a few more days.

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