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Jul 242009

A note from the Ayn Rand Institute’s Objectivist Academic Center:

The final deadline to apply for the OAC for the 2009-10 year is July 31! In the current cultural climate, there is no better time to study Ayn Rand’s ideas in a systematic fashion, under the guidance of ARI’s intellectuals.

Join other OAC students who are studying Rand’s ideas; visit http://www.objectivistacademiccenter.org and apply today.

(Help us spread the word about the program and its deadline–please share this with students who might be interested in the OAC.)

I heartily recommend the OAC — particularly to students pursuing a career as an intellectual, whether in academia, politics, journalism, law, or whatnot.

Update: I just got their longer pitch via e-mail. It explains the program a bit more for people unfamiliar with it.

If you’ve read one of Ayn Rand’s novels you know that her writings are packed with radical, thought-provoking philosophical ideas. And perhaps you are interested in studying those ideas further. Then you might be interested in the Objectivist Academic Center.

The Ayn Rand Institute was founded on the conviction that Ayn Rand’s philosophy could have a major positive impact on today’s culture if more people were to become aware of it.  Our mission is to advance Ayn Rand’s philosophy in order to change the culture’s intellectual climate.

But the intellectual climate of a culture is established by the ideas put forward by the leading intellectuals of that culture: the philosophers, college professors, journalists, writers–those whose careers involve the dissemination of ideas, whether by teaching, public speaking, writing, or some other means.

To change our culture by spreading Ayn Rand’s philosophy requires new intellectuals who have a deep understanding of that philosophy. The OAC offers a systematic education in Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, and the methods of objective thinking and communication.

If you’d like to engage in a systematic study of Ayn Rand’s ideas under the guidance of ARI’s top intellectuals, visit the OAC web site and apply today. We can only offer a limited number of slots each year, so act soon! The deadline is July 31, 2009. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.


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