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Mar 282003

War has inspired a great deal of excellent blogging. Heck, even I’m posting more than once per day. So here’s a few tidbits:

  • Phil Carter has a nice discussion of why urban warfare is so bloody.
  • Eugene has some terrible quotes from Mugabe favorably comparing himself to Hitler.
  • While the press is busy second-guessing our military after a mere week of war, we all ought to be reminded of the dangers of the retrospectoscope.
  • One of the most strident pacifists on the Atlantis list posted a list of quotes from anti-war activists in Baghdad. The comment by Lisa Ndjeru was particularly amazing. She wrote:

    We get many phone calls from the media wanting to know casualty numbers and information about places hit. There’s a lot of talk about precision. Are the Americans hitting precise targets? Are they keeping casualties to a minimum? It makes me very angry. Even if it were precision bombing, precision being that not a single civilian or home were hit, it still doesn’t make this war legitimate. (Emphasis added.)

    How is that not being objectively pro-Saddam?

  • That last one is almost as good as Salam Pax complaining about broken windows near precision bombing. Ah right, how can the overthrow of a brutal dictator be worth the terrible evil of a few broken windows! It should not be borne! Really, such lamentations should be saved for the genuine horrors of war.
  • Oh, and here’s an old one, particularly relevant to our delicate ladies in uniform… A nice warm GO TO HELL is my only response to this idiotic article on how women are incapable of honor. I’m neither an angry nor a violent person, but such self-demeaning stupidity makes me want to beat the crap out of someone. Ah, but then I remember that such actions would violate my nature as a nurturing creature. Excuse me while I go read Lt Smash for some butt-kicking consolation… Then perhaps I’ll watch Aliens or T2 for their morally uplifting examples of properly feminine ladies.

    Okay. Wow. I’ll stop ranting now.

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