Paul and I just finished four lovely days of hiking in Acadia, Maine. (I’ll blog some about that later today, if I can.) We’ve had not-so-great internet access, however, so I’m a bit behind on some internet-dependent tasks, including blogging. However, tomorrow I’ll start a daily (but short) blog post on OCON.

However, I want to mention that Dr. Tom Stevens — of the so-called Objectivist Party has written the most absurdly offensive blog post possible: Farrah Fawcett’s E-Mail Reveals Ayn Rand Thought Their Sharing The Same Birth Date Had Significance. I won’t pain you by quoting the pompous blog post, but basically he accuses Ayn Rand of relying faith, superstition, and mysticism because she apparently made an offhand remark to Farrah Fawcett about them sharing a birthday.


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