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May 022009

Speaking of communicable respiratory diseases, I highly recommend watching this hysterical video about the best way to sneeze and cough if you are ill. You’ll not only prevent the spread of your germs, you’ll also be less gross!

Here’s the introduction:

Many diseases are spread by poor coughing and sneezing techniques. Most people put their hands in front of their mouths and noses to stop germs from getting into the air. Unfortunately, this technique puts the germs on their hands. The germs are then spread to telephones and doorknobs and many other surfaces from which they are then picked up by the next user. This is how colds spread quickly through schools and workplaces, and how the flu spreads quickly through entire cities. It would be very easy to cut this mode of infection drastically by simply getting people to cough and sneeze properly.

And here’s the video:

I’ve known about the in-elbow technique for a while, but I’ve used it inconsistently. Why? Because, alas, it just seemed gauche. However, now I’ll use it with confidence, knowing that it makes me super-cool. Plus, I’ll be a benefactor to humanity! That is, I’ll use the technique if I ever get sick again. I plan to avoid doing that, if possible.

(Via Kevin MD)

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