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Apr 272009

In response to this article on how the Democrats in Congress are seeking to “fast-track” some kind of health care “reform” — likely universal, mandatory insurance — Hannah Krening wrote the following letter to Colorado’s two senators:

Dear Senators Bennet and Udall,

I have read the recent Reuters article and want to register my vehement objection to this underhanded approach to the debate on health care. I do not want government involvement in my health care decisions. I want a free-market approach to medicine.

Creating new government tentacles to surround my physical well-being and doing so in a way that “rams” it through (Reuters words, not mine) betrays the unprecedented power-lust present in Washington these days. Your participation in this “deal” would be a gross betrayal of your constituents and the Constitution. I hope you will find the conscience and backbone to resist participation.


Hannah Krening
Larkspur, Colorado

Inspired by her good example, I wrote the following:

Dear Senators,

I am writing to express my dismay over the prospect that some kind of socialized medicine (like mandatory, universal coverage insurance) will be imposed on America by “fast-tracking” health care reform. It is grossly irresponsible for the legislature to take such drastic action without proper debate and discussion. We’ve already seen too many frantic attempts to do something quick — anything, no matter how irresponsible — over the past few months. It’s time for the legislature to slow down — preferably before you grind the economy to a halt.

You might have won an election, but you have no right to dispose of anyone else’s life, health, and wealth. For you to attempt to ram socialized medicine down our throats — without so much as offering Americans the chance to form and express their opinions on the matter — is morally wrong. It’s also a sign that your position is weak — that you cannot persuade Americans of the merits of your views by any rational appeal to facts. Indeed, you have reason to worry: socialized medicine in any form is always disaster.

I do not want any government involvement in my health care. I do not wish my life and health to be subject to the whims of government bureaucrats. I support the elimination of the whole horrid web of entitlements and controls that are strangling medicine while driving up costs. The free market has not failed: your government controls have failed. Repeal them — and restore the doctor-patient relationship to its properly private sphere.

Diana Hsieh
Sedalia, CO

I encourage you to write your senators about this issue. Even just a sentence or two is adequate, so long as you express yourself clearly. If you live outside of Colorado, you’re certainly welcome to adapt the text of my letter for your own purposes.

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