Snowed In, Plowed Out

 Posted by on 21 March 2003 at 7:58 pm  Uncategorized
Mar 212003

Hooray! I’ve been plowed out! The dogs and I celebrated by getting the mail out of our now-lopsided mailbox. (The impact of the snow from plowing the street has pushed it about 30 degrees off-kilter.) Thankfully, Paul will be able to come home tonight, rather than spending a fourth night at the Aurora hospital. Even better, he’ll be bringing two gallons of my drug of choice: MILK! I made “war cookies,” i.e. walnut chocolate chip cookies made (unintentionally) in the opening hours of the war, but I ran out of milk last night. Gack! Cookies and water is less than satisfying.

I wasn’t aware of how burdensome the confinement was to the dogs until our walk down the driveway. Well, I walked. They leapt and wiggled and ran and bounded and panted and sniffed and chased and scurried and… We were going down to the barn twice a day to feed the horses, but that clearly wasn’t terribly satisfying to them. They clearly appreciated the room to run.

My easy walk tonight was nothing like yesterday evening’s pre-plowing hopeless attempt to get down the 500 feet or so to the road. (I only made it about 50 feet, as snow was simply too deep and heavy.) But tonight was a pleasant and easy jaunt. Hooray!

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