Violent Bloggers

 Posted by on 13 April 2002 at 1:30 pm  Uncategorized
Apr 132002

Apparently, Asparagirl is a “violent blogger,” as are the rest of us alarmed by the wave of recent attacks on Jews in France and elsewhere. Okay, Asparagirl, time to fess up… How many people have you beaten up since you started your blog? How many French have you killed in your hateful blogging? None? Oh…

Not all cultures and people are the same. The civilized ones respect individual rights. The uncivilized ones do not. To observe that fact is not to be guilty of racism, but rather to make the all-important distinction between race and culture.

Uncivilized people, such as those who send their children off to be suicide bombers or who condone or tolerate attacks on innocents, are not less human than the rest of us. But they are less humane. They are not less worthy of respect because of their race, but because of their freely chosen beliefs and actions.

Culture matters. Philosophy matters. Character matters. Race is irrelevant.

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