Happiness in College

 Posted by on 19 April 2009 at 11:01 pm  Ethics, Life
Apr 192009

Some months ago, Miranda Barzey — now of the blog Ramen & Rand — wrote to me about her disappointment in college. I offered some advice, largely based on my own experiences. The result was this delightful blog post: Depression in College: Getting Out of my Own Way. Here’s the opening paragraph:

I had always expected college to be awesome. High school felt more like a daycare than a place to learn (albeit a few classes). So senior year, I was so excited to finally get out, to move onto bigger and better things at college, to study what I wanted and leave all the immaturity behind. Coming to college, I expected stimulating conversations with interesting people. I expected people who really loved what they were doing, who were passionate and intellectual. I expected… more.

She quotes my whole e-mail to her, and I really enjoyed her list of the ten things “to make sure life was better this semester.” Go read the whole thing. And be sure to check Ramen & Rand regularly.

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