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 Posted by on 18 April 2009 at 8:08 am  Personal, The Beasts
Apr 182009

Here in Sedalia, it has been snowing since Thursday night. It’s not expected to stop for a few more hours. At this point, we have a bit more than a foot of super-heavy, super-dense snow.

See for yourself:

And here’s Paul — before we ventured out.

After feeding Tara, we ran around with Conrad in the snow for about 20 minutes. (He needed to blow off some steam after being stuck inside most of yesterday.) We did a set of “sprints” up one of the hills in our pasture. It was seriously hard work.

Although a bit of an inconvenience, this snow is very much welcome. Until recently, we’ve been alarmingly dry all winter. It was particularly hot and dry in late February and early March. As a result, everything was brown. If you didn’t know the time of year, you would have thought it was fall. I was worried not only about wildfires this summer, but also about my pastures and gardens. I was feeling much better after some snows we’ve had in recent weeks, but this storm puts my mind at ease!

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