Tea Party Story: Hannah Krening

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Apr 172009

From pianist Hannah Krening:

I attended the rally in Colorado Springs. I’m not good at estimates, but there were at least 1,000 people. I carried a hand-lettered sign on a stick that said “Atlas will Shrug” on one side and “I (heart) Capitalism…on principle” on the other. Both sides had “www.aynrand.org” at the bottom in red marker (Thanks Ari for that suggestion!). I carried 30 flyers: [Ayn Rand Center's] flyer on one side and Diana’s [Front Range Objectivism] flyer on the other (I would have liked to include more, but I figured simpler was better). I only offered flyers to those I spoke to, and I spoke to anyone who made eye contact and who looked interested. Several people came up from behind to ask for a flyer (I kept them visible in my hand). I circulated around as much as I could, which helped; I think most people read my sign.

I came home with 2 flyers left over, and had my picture taken multiple times (no news outlets that I know of took my picture, though two local TV stations were there). I spoke to several people who seemed seriously interested, one of whom commented that she was glad to have the flyer as she is “looking for like-minded people.” There were at least 5 signs with reference to Atlas Shrugged (I saw Linda Rogers there; she had a nice one), and I tried to speak to those people (and did to all but one). My hands were full and so I did not get pictures. I had no hostile interactions. I had to leave before 1 PM, as I needed to get back to work (to earn money to pay taxes…).

Thanks for the flyer, Diana! It came in handy, as I mentioned the local group to everyone I spoke to. I would have loved to have heard or even given the kind of speech I printed off the [Ayn Rand Center] website, but there was no way to even approach the speaker’s platform. There was the usual Colorado Springs religious contingent (evidenced by response to some talking points from the podium), which is one reason I wanted to go there. But the vast majority of the signs had no religious reference at all. One referred to immigration, but most were anti-Tax, anti-Obama, anti-Big government, etc. Lots of flags (American and Don’t Tread on Me).

Whew! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was a good chance to try some verbal communication, and I gained some confidence. I will try to attend future tea parties.

Way to go, Hannah!

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