Traditional Easter Celebration

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Apr 122009

Some of you may be surprised to learn that I am a committed traditionalist about Easter. The Easter holidays should be focused on bunnies, eggs, and other symbols of fertility — not that newcomer “Jesus.”

So, in the spirit of that glorious tradition, I bring you two delights:

  • See the best entries of the Peeps Diorama Contest. They’re even better than last year, I think. My favorites are #4 and #40.
  • It’s about time that someone created an Easter Turducken. It consists of Cadbury cream eggs wrapped in Peeps, then stuffed into a hollow chocolate rabbit. The linked page has a very useful set of illustrative pictures of the assembly process, but don’t miss gems like the following in the description:
    Many children wonder around Easter how it is that bunnies lay eggs. As a side benefit, Easter turducken illustrates clearly that this “theory” is wrong. Obviously bunnies lay chickens, which then lay the eggs. Mystery solved.

    Indeed. Even more importantly, this Easter turducken — a.k.a. the “bunpeepegg” — shows that the “chicken or the egg” controversy is a vicious false alternative. Clearly, the chicken and the egg come into the world simultaneously: the chicken is “born” from the bunny already containing the egg!

    It’s just all so obvious now.

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