That Wise Man Jesusophile on Sex

 Posted by on 10 April 2009 at 3:02 pm  Religion
Apr 102009

I can’t properly express my great amusement at this two videos, found via Andrew Sullivan. They’re done by one Jesusophile — a brilliant satirist, I think. Behold, and prepare to wonder and laugh mightily! (Just don’t do it at work; the descriptions are too explicit.)

First, we have proof that condoms don’t protect against AIDS using spoiled milk, a strainer, and a glass. (Seriously!)

Next, a rambling bit on why the pleasure of the woman doesn’t matter in sex:

Everything about that video is beyond compare, but I’m particular taken with (1) the repeated mis-pronunciation of “vaginal,” (2) his explanation and demonstration of how sex works using the orange and the spoon, (3) his befuddlement about lesbianism, and (4) his uncertainty about how Jesus feels about the clitoris.

Here’s another gem — albeit from real Christians: the world’s worst movie ever. You simply must watch the trailer. You think it’s bad enough — and then it gets much, much worse.

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