Man Detained for Carrying Cash

 Posted by on 5 April 2009 at 11:01 pm  Government
Apr 052009

The Agitator says: “Detained by TSA in town for a conference, a director of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty is detained by TSA at the St. Louis airport because when asked to explain why he’s carrying $4,700 in cash (it was proceeds from book and ticket sales at the conference), he asks the agents to tell him what law requires him to do so. He managed to surreptitiously record his conversations with TSA officers on a cell phone. The audio is infuriating.”

Wow. While I’m no fan of Ran Paul, I’m completely horrified by the attitude displayed by these government employees toward a man guilty of nothing more than carrying a few thousand dollars of cash.

The fact is that too many people — many of them working for government now — would willing participate in police state, even to the point of inflicting torture and death on innocent persons. Stanley Milgram’s famous experiments on obedience to authority prove that with frightening certainty.

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