False Excuses

 Posted by on 18 March 2003 at 9:53 pm  Uncategorized
Mar 182003

While snowed in today, I finished a major revision of my paper on false excuses. It’s been restructured, retitled, and reworked. I’m very pleased with the end result, delightfully enough.

I took time off from other work to revise the essay so that I could submit a superdooper good version to the “Jentzsch Prize in Philosophy,” a departmental graduate student essay contest. The deadline was today, so I was working down to the wire… but that’s nothing new.

I’ll be starting the process of journal submission sometime in early April. I’m not sure what my first choice will be, but most likely an applied ethics journal. As always, I’d love comments and feedback on the new version. Since I’m trying to get it published, I won’t be posting it on the web site, but I can e-mail it as an attachment to anyone interested in helping me make it just that much better.

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