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Mar 182003

When I went to bed last night, about 5 inches of snow lay on the ground. By morning, there was 15 inches. Now my yardstick reads 24 inches, with many more inches on the way. As you might have guessed, I didn’t drive the 60 miles up to Boulder for classes today, although the university is officially open.

9 pm Update: The local news just reported the official snow figures. Sedalia has received 31 inches of snow, which is consistent with my measurements. It is expected to snow all night and tomorrow for another 7-14 inches.

I haven’t found the figures for Boulder yet, but the university has already closed down for Wednesday. Frankly, I wonder how many people showed up a classes today, given the heavy snowfall. I’d probably be stuck sleeping in the cruddy grad lounge in Boulder if I had tried to go to classes today. *shudder*

10 pm Update: Paul won’t be coming home tonight. He is working 3pm-11pm shifts all week long, so instead of driving 2 hours and 30 miles of dangerous roads home from Aurora and then reversing the trip tomorrow afternoon, he’s spending the night at the hospital. (Nearby hotels were booked.) I just hope to see him tomorrow night!

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