The Best Link Request Letter Ever

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Mar 172003

Terry wins the prize for the best link request letter ever! It’s pleasant! It’s descriptive! It’s funny! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:

Hello Diana,

I’m sure you remember me – my best friend is Jimmy Wales, and I joined you and Paul on my first time ever shooting a hand gun! I’ve done that many times since then, thanks in part to your’s and Paul’s great instruction.

Now, down to the proverbial business. I read the post on your blog about Jimmy not linking to your blog, and his being a blog snob. I got to thinking, maybe Diana will link to *my* blog :) It’s called American PhotoBlog, and it’s based upon pictures I’ve taken of natural wonders, historical artifacts, or about anything else I find interesting. I write my 2 cents about the pictures as well. Have a look at

I’ll gladly link to your blog in return. Unfortunately, I’m not the most HTML adept individual, as every time I try to put links in the blog template, they never work. Once I have this figured out, I won’t be a blog snob, and I’ll link to you.

I hope things are going well for you and Paul in the great Rocky Mountains. Drop me an e-mail sometime and let me know how life is for you.

Take care,


Terry’s pictures are awesome! Go check them out!

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