White Wedding, Literally

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Mar 102009

A literal version of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” video:

I remember being really disturbed by this video as a kid. He was marrying her, but he didn’t seem to love her! He hurt her when he put on the ring! It just didn’t make sense! (Okay, so I must have been about six at the time.) Now that I’ve seen the literal version, it all makes sense. Well maybe not, but at least it’s dumb rather than scary.

Now if only I could find that horror movie about bad moonshine that my sisters let me watch when I was about five that gave me nightmares for years. (My mother was not pleased.) I still have very vivid memories: The woman’s hair fell out, she went all screwy in the head, she grabbed a massive knife from her kitchen with the intent of chopping up her two young daughters, but she was stopped and killed at the last minute by the dedicated police officer. It was scary stuff for young little me!

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