FYI on Announcements

 Posted by on 19 February 2009 at 12:01 am  NoodleFood
Feb 192009

I’m willing to post announcements of any significant event — such as a lecture or conference — that is likely to be of interest to the bulk of my readers, i.e. Objectivists, fans of Ayn Rand, advocates of free markets, and the like.

However, please don’t just ask me to announce the thing in question. Instead, send me the actual text of an announcement that I can simply quote in my blog post, preferably with HTML links already properly formatted. (Please, no HTML e-mail: use plain text.) That will make me love you for your thoughtfulness and consideration of my time. It will also ensure that your announcement is posted in a timely fashion, rather than languishing in my “to blog” folder.

Basically, I’m more than happy to help, but please don’t make such help a burden to me. This principle applies whether I’m crushed by dissertation work or not: I don’t want to have to do your work for you in order to do you a favor.

(Yeah, I’m feeling crabby. Get over it.)

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