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Feb 172009

I’m totally floored by this recent comment to We Stand FIRM. It was posted in response to an op-ed debunking the myth of administrative savings under “single payer” systems of government heath care. Read it and weep:

the Canadian healthcare system is not the best in the world and certainly not perfect. however it is still rated superior to the system (or lack of a system) we have here in the US by the WHO. call it “socialist medicine” if you like, but like chairmen deng once said, “no matter it’s a white cat or a black cat, as long as it can catch mice, it’s a good cat.” lol.

the Canadian system is only at the 30th place in world ranking. how about looking at the other 29 better models? again, no single system in this world is absolutely perfect, but instead of picking faults (and i’m sure the canadians are going to have a grand time picking the faults of the american system, too), how about learning from their pros and cons and try to find the best system that works uniquely for the US? how about stop advertising your own personal beliefs and incentives, stop quoting our funding fathers who, though undoubtedly very wise in their time, could not possibly have foreseen the social condition and issues we are facing at present day? how about instead of dismissing new ideas regardless good or bad, try to focus on improving the efficiency of the government and fighting bureacracy, which is the primary reason why the many government programs didn’t work, not the initiative itself?

the theory that lasses-faire or free market mechanism will improve the US healthcare system (or the lack of a system) without external (government) interference – has this been proven anywhere by any means? a lot of americans focus so much on individual rights and benefits, which is based solely on their “beliefs” without any scientific or socioeconomic justification. they have very little regard to the well-being of the group, the society and the nation as a whole. and they think by defending the (implied) meaning of the constitution, they’re displaying such remarkable patiotism. honestly, i do not care what you believe, or what you think it right and morally acceptable. in fact, what i “believe” in completely irrelevant, too. what we should try to achieve, as a whole, is commonwealth and stability of our society, which will in turn benefit each and every individual within. what do you think is the priority of the government: defending YOUR personal ideals and beliefs, which is a lot of times the source of misinformaiton, conflicts, and chaos, or promoting the well-being of the society?

It would simply take too much time to comment on all that is wrong with that, so I invite you to pick your favorite bit of inanity to fisk in the comments.

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